päivää Kuninkuusraveihin!

Kuninkuusravit - Finnhorse Trotting Championship

The Finnhorse Trotting Championship is the biggest event of the trotting season in Finland attracting 50 000 spectators during one weekend.
Finnhorse Trotting Championship is one of the biggest sports events in Finland. Photo: Tanja Kuittinen
Finnhorse Trotting Championship is one of the biggest sports events in Finland. Photo: Tanja Kuittinen

Kuninkuusravit – The Royal Race

The Royal Race, an annual competition for Finnhorse, is held this year in Turku, the heart of Western Finland and actually in the oldest city of Finland. Kuninkuusravit is the greatest harness racing event in Finland, and gathers approximately 60 000 spectators every year. It has been held in Turku five times before becoming summer. This year the Royal Race is raced for the 85th time.

The competitors – 12 stallions and 12 mares – participate for three partial races. On Saturday, the first competition day, the horses race 2100 meters. On Sunday, the second competition day, the first race’s length is one mile (1609 meters) and the second race, the most demanding of all, is 3100 meters.

The Royal Race has been said to be one of the hardest competitions in harness racing worldwide, as the horses must race three times in two days. The winners of overall competitions will be crowned as the Trotting King and the Trotting Queen, and winning these titles is highly appreciated.

History of the Royal Races in Turku

The first Royal Races were held already in 1924. Akapeetus/Jukka Perttula was the first stallion to be crowned in Turku in 1949. Vise versa the last one stallion as a king was Santeri Dahlia in 2001 and the queen title went to V.H. Suvitar

How to reach us?

Our racetrack is situated apprx. seven kilometers from the city center. Our non-stop busses will take you right in front of the main gate. To purchase the tickets, please visit our web store or your local Ticketmaster-selling point. Tickets are also purchaseable at the gate during the weekend.

The accommodation is organized by Visit Turku.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. For more information:

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